"EFE" Education Foundation of Ecuador -


  • To open doors of opportunity for children living in adversity through the empowerment of education by providing backpacks with school supplies.
  • To bridge the financial gap and enable  school attendance through scholarships.
  • To open opportunities of global knowledge by creating computer access to schools. 


  • There is a tremendous lack of resources for children facing disabilities in third world countries.  Harsh social stigmas make the development of living conditions quite difficult for these children as they grow older. Our commitment is to:
  • Provide the resources to help improve the quality of care for children with disabilities being this educational, vocational or of medical need.  To be the conduit between countries and provide access to resources needed.
  • Volunteer opportunities available please contact us for more details.  


  • Help change the silence that surrounds HIV infected, affected children and their families into an audible sound.  One of the most important factors in combating the virus is the effort to de-stigmatize those with positive status. 
  • Volunteer with local outreach and health organizations that are working to empower children and individuals affected by HIV/AIDS. 
  • Lend your passion to the cause support the movement towards more compassionate care, more effective education campaigns, and more people getting tested to know their own status. 
  • Act in solidarity with local leaders and add credibility to community-wide awareness efforts, while supporting those who are affected by HIV/AIDS. 


  • EFE provides many ways for corporations and other organizations to get involved in our mission. Partnering up with EFE offers a chance for your corporation to show your commitment to global issues as well as engage all your employees and community in your overall initiatives ¨     
  • Join us and share your skills of expertise in the fields of EDUCATION, MEDICAL and SOCIAL SERVICES. Your participation will provide unique perspectives and skill set to our programs.


  • We have internship opportunities within our schools and diverse internship accessibility to other areas of focus for students looking to create genuine and immersive cultural experiences, while also full filling internships and academic objectives. 

"Start by doing what´s necessary, then do what´s possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible"        St. Francis of Assisi 

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